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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint serves as a robust enterprise endpoint security platform, aimed at fortifying networks against advanced threats by providing prevention, detection, investigation, and response capabilities. Despite its strengths, the native reporting features have limitations.

Introducing PowerStacks BI for Defender, a revolutionary business intelligence solution. Seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Power BI service, our products boast easy installation, sharing, and accessibility.

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Transform your reporting experience with BI for Defender, offering an extensive data model that opens up limitless reporting possibilities. Access all this through Power BI’s intuitive point-and-click interface, allowing you to customize your reports like never before.

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Delve into PowerStacks’ fully interactive and customizable Windows Defender for Endpoint reports, bundled with BI for Defender. Take your Defender reporting to new heights with our robust and flexible solution.

Discover a Selection of Our Pre-Configured Reports

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Comprehensive Defender for Endpoint Overview: Your Strategic Dashboard

Effortlessly master your Defender for Endpoint environment with our Summary report – your strategic dashboard for actionable insights. Gain a high-level overview of critical metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions that enhance security, compliance, and efficiency.

Strategic Command Center:

  • Exposure Level Breakdown:
    Understand the distribution of devices across exposure levels. Gain insights into the percentage of devices in each exposure level, providing a quick snapshot of your security landscape.

  • Vulnerability Severity Analysis:
    Navigate potential threats with ease. Receive a comprehensive count of vulnerabilities categorized by severity, empowering you to prioritize and address security risks effectively.

  • Management Platform Distribution:
    Explore the diversity of your device management platforms. Get a clear count of devices based on the management platform, facilitating a deeper understanding of your overall device ecosystem.

Empower Decision-Making:
Transform data into actionable strategies. Use the Summary page as your command center to drive efficient and secure operations in your Defender for Endpoint environment.

Holistic Device Inventory: Explore Your Defender for Endpoint Ecosystem

Embark on a detailed exploration of your Defender for Endpoint ecosystem with our Device Inventory page. This comprehensive listing provides a snapshot of each device, equipping you with the details needed for effective and streamlined device management.

Key Device Details:

  • Device State: Instantly identify whether a device is active or inactive, ensuring you have real-time insights into the operational status of each endpoint.

  • Exposure Level: Classify devices based on their exposure level, facilitating quick assessments of security risk across your environment.

  • Risk Level: Gauge the risk associated with each device, providing an additional layer of insight into the security posture of your Defender for Endpoint environment.

Streamlined Device Oversight:
Efficiently manage your device inventory with a clear and organized view. Utilize the Device Inventory page to track and monitor the health, security, and activity of each device within your Defender for Endpoint environment.

In-Depth Vulnerability Analysis: Navigate CVEs with Precision

Dive into the heart of your Defender for Endpoint environment with our Vulnerabilities page. This specialized view empowers you to systematically assess and manage vulnerabilities, ensuring a proactive and secure response.

Key Vulnerability Insights:

  • Timely Monitoring: Track the status of monthly Windows security updates. CVE Enumeration: Explore vulnerabilities categorized by Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifiers, providing a systematic approach to vulnerability management.

  • Device Counts: Quickly grasp the impact of each vulnerability with a clear count of associated devices, enabling you to prioritize and address critical security risks efficiently.

  • Vulnerability Description: Gain a comprehensive understanding of each vulnerability through detailed descriptions, enhancing your awareness of potential threats.

  • Resolution Recommendations: Receive actionable recommendations on how to resolve each vulnerability, equipping you with the necessary guidance to enhance your security posture.

Efficient Security Response:
Utilize the Vulnerabilities page as your central hub for managing and mitigating security risks. Streamline your response with a focused and organized view, enabling you to fortify your Defender for Endpoint environment against potential threats.

Proactive Security Patch Management: Uncover Missing Updates

Navigate the landscape of missing security updates with precision using our dedicated “Missing Security Updates” page. This comprehensive view empowers users to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities and fortify their Defender for Endpoint environment.

Key Features:

  • Missing Updates Details: Explore a detailed list of all missing security updates, ensuring a comprehensive overview of potential vulnerabilities within your device landscape.

  • Exposure Impact Scores: Understand the impact of missing updates on your security posture with exposure impact scores, providing a quantitative measure of the potential risks associated with each update.

  • Recommendations for Resolution: Receive actionable recommendations on how to address and install missing security updates, empowering you to proactively enhance your organization’s security defenses.

Efficient Security Response:
Utilize the Missing Security Updates page as your central hub for proactively managing and mitigating security risks related to outdated software. Strengthen your defenses by addressing missing updates promptly, ensuring a robust and secure Defender for Endpoint environment.

Software Inventory Unveiled: Uncover Windows Insights

Unlock a deeper understanding of your Windows devices with our Software Inventory report, tailored for Microsoft Intune. This report provides a comprehensive breakdown of installed software:

  • Publisher Precision: Explore software details, including publisher, title, and version.

  • Holistic View: Gain a clear picture of the software landscape across your Windows devices.

  • Insightful Analysis: Identify patterns and trends within your software environment.

Empower Informed Decisions: Navigate software resources effortlessly. Our report arms you with data-driven insights, enhancing strategic decisions, optimizing resource allocation, and streamlining software management in your Intune-powered ecosystem. 

Enhance Security Posture: Discover Missing Configurations

Empower your organization to maintain a robust security posture with our dedicated page designed to find and remediate missing security configurations on your endpoints. This powerful feature ensures that your Defender for Endpoint environment aligns with the latest security standards. 

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Configuration Assessment: Conduct a thorough examination of endpoint configurations to identify missing security settings, providing a holistic view of potential vulnerabilities.

  • Remediation Recommendations: Receive actionable recommendations for resolving missing security configurations, guiding users towards effective remediation strategies.

  • Enhance Microsoft Secure Score: Leverage the wealth of data on our dedicated page to proactively identify and address security gaps, effectively boosting your Microsoft Secure Score. 

Efficient Security Response:
Utilize this page as your command center for identifying, assessing, and remediating missing security configurations. Strengthen your defenses by ensuring that all endpoints align with recommended security settings, fostering a secure and resilient Defender for Endpoint environment.

Process Visibility: Uncover Running Processes

Gain comprehensive insights into the processes running on computers with our dedicated page. This feature empowers users to identify and report on running processes, providing a detailed understanding of the activity within your Defender for Endpoint environment.

Key Feature:

  • Process Identification: Explore a detailed list of processes currently running on computers, offering visibility into the activities occurring across your device landscape.

Efficient Oversight and Reporting:
Leverage the Process Identification page as a valuable tool for efficient oversight and reporting. Uncover potential security risks, optimize resource utilization, and enhance your organization’s overall operational efficiency.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Microsoft Defender Data!

Elevate Your Reporting Experience with Seamless Custom Report Design

Unleash the power of effortlessly crafting tailored reports and interactive dashboards for Windows Defender for Endpoint using our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Dive into a rich data model featuring over 250 fields sourced from Windows Defender, ensuring access to vital insights that matter most for your security landscape.

Complementing the extensive data model, BI for Defender offers an array of pre-configured, exceptional Windows Defender for Endpoint reports, primed for immediate utilization.

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