Unleash the Full Potential of Microsoft Configuration Manager with our Feature-Rich and User-Friendly SCCM Reporting Solution!

Unleash your reporting potential with our BI solution for SCCM. Our intuitive SCCM report builder interface allows you to effortlessly create custom reports and dashboards by simply dragging and dropping fields from our extensive data model onto pages. With over 600 fields extracted from SCCM, rest assured, we have what you need. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to actionable insights with our SCCM create custom report feature and seamless integration with SCCM dashboard Power BI.

A Wealth of Ready-Made SCCM Reports

Experience the convenience of over dozens of pre-built, highly beneficial SCCM reports right out of the box. Gain immediate insights without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Comprehensive Support Included

Your success is our priority. With BI for SCCM reporting, support is always at your fingertips. If you ever need assistance, our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way.


A Preview of the Included Reports

Empower yourself with the ability to effortlessly design SCCM custom reports and interactive dashboards using an intuitive drag-and-drop Power BI interface. Our extensive data model boasts over 600 fields sourced from SCCM using native discovery and inventory as well as custom inventory designed by the pros at PowerStacks, ensuring you have access to all the crucial insights you need.

Unlock the full potential of SCCM Report Builder. Beyond the comprehensive data model, BI for SCCM comes packed with dozens of pre-built, amazing, and highly beneficial SCCM reports, ready to use right out of the box.

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch support to our valued customers. Rest assured; our dedicated team is always on standby to assist you whenever you need a helping hand.

Defend Against Breaches: Prioritize Patching

Did you know 60% of breaches exploit unpatched vulnerabilities? Don’t become a statistic. Explore BI for SCCM’s comprehensive Windows updates insights:

  • Updates Compliance: Monitor update status efficiently.

  • Updates Deployment: Ensure compliance standards are met effectively.

Empower Security: Shield your company from threats. Unleash our tools for robust patch management and airtight compliance.

SCCM Windows Updates Compliance Report

Master Your Software Assets: Optimize Licensing

Tired of losing track of costly app installations? Curious about usage? Our Software Licensing page is your solution:

  • Ownership Insight: Compare owned licenses to installations and actual usage.

  • Reclaim Unutilized Licenses: Identify unused licenses, cut costs, and enhance compliance.

  • Budget Forecasting: Gain data for informed budget projections.

Seize Control: With our tool, regain license control, ensure compliance, and optimize your budget effectively.

Fortify Security: Encryption at a Glance

Elevate security and compliance through our Encryption Status Reports:

  • Holistic Monitoring: Keep tabs on device encryption status effortlessly.

  • Failures Demystified: Pinpoint reasons behind encryption issues with clarity.

  • Data Protection: Stay in charge, protecting your data with real-time insights.

Shield Your Data: Strengthen security and compliance. Harness Encryption Status reports for unwavering data protection.

Elevate Your Green Efforts with Smart Insights

Unleash the potential of our Microsoft Configuration Manager-powered solution for actionable insights. Our reports redefine sustainability:

  • Visualize Efficiency: Real-time views of energy use and CO2 emissions during computer and monitor usage.
  • Optimize Operations: Identify unused computer periods, reduce waste, and calculate potential savings from sleep mode or shutdown.
  • Tangible Impact: Quantify cost savings and CO2 reduction, charting your eco-friendly journey.

Smooth Windows 11 Transition: Unveil Compatibility

Discover the effortless path to Windows 11 with our innovative Compatibility Reports:

  • Insightful Analysis: Understand your computers’ readiness, even for non-compatible ones.
  • Precise Explanations: Learn why some devices fall short—RAM, CPU, TPM, disk space—no detail is overlooked.

Confident Migration: Embrace Windows 11 armed with actionable insights, ensuring a seamless upgrade journey.

Empower Warranty Management: Streamline Protection

Take charge of your devices’ warranty information effortlessly with our advanced tracking system. Our Warranty Information page offers comprehensive insights for Dell, Lenovo, and GetAC computers:

  • Complete Warranty Picture: Access start and end dates, along with service level details.

  • Seamless Tracking: Effortlessly monitor and manage warranty status for each device.

  • Proactive Planning: Stay ahead with renewal notifications, avoiding service disruptions.

Unleash Control: Simplify warranty management for your device fleet. Harness our platform to ensure uninterrupted protection and maximize your investment.

Monitor Insights Unveiled: Elevate Display Management

Gain unparalleled visibility into your connected monitors with our comprehensive Monitor Information report. This report offers a detailed overview of your display setup:

  • Multi-Monitor Awareness: Instantly grasp the number of attached monitors.

  • Detailed Identification: Access make, model, serial numbers, and manufacture date for each monitor.

Visualize Display Fleet: Streamline display management effortlessly. Harness our report to optimize setups, troubleshoot efficiently, and ensure peak performance across your monitor network.

Microsoft 365 Apps Compliance Made Easy

Stay on top of Microsoft 365 Apps compliance effortlessly with our specialized report. This essential tool ensures your installed versions align with your organization’s requirements:

  • Seamless Update Channel Tracking: Monitor install update channels to ensure consistency.

  • Version and Platform Insight: Access precise version details across different platforms.

  • Upgrade Action Clarity: Instantly identify if upgrades are needed to maintain compliance.

Control Your Microsoft 365 Landscape: Optimize your Microsoft 365 Apps environment effortlessly. Our report empowers you to enforce compliance, streamline updates, and guarantee seamless productivity across the board.

Anti-Virus Assurance: Guarantee Protection Integrity

Safeguard your systems with confidence using our dedicated Anti-Virus Verification report. This indispensable tool ensures the right anti-virus software is operational across your computers:

  • Correct Software Tracking: Monitor and verify the presence of designated anti-virus programs.

  • Functionality Confirmation: Ensure anti-virus software is active and safeguarding your devices.

  • Automated Security Oversight: Receive real-time alerts on any discrepancies or potential issues.

Defend with Certainty: Fortify your defenses effortlessly with our SCCM report builder. Our report empowers to verify anti-virus integrity, maintaining a resilient security posture while streamlining oversight.

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