Get ready to create your own personalized dashboards with PowerStacks!

Our platform makes it incredibly easy to craft custom dashboards without any coding expertise or working knowledge of SQL or Graph API. Simply drag and drop visualizations onto a page and watch your ideas come to life.

With PowerStacks custom reporting solutions, you’ll feel like a dashboard-designing pro in no time. So go ahead, be confident and unleash your creativity!

Examples of custom dashboards:

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    Help Desk Dashboard
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    Security Operations
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    CIO Dashboard
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    Compliance Dashboard
Custom Dashboards Reporting Solutions

Intuitive and Easy to Use.
Empowering Business Insights.

Empower your team with PowerStacks custom reporting solutions and simplify the way everyone views important data.

We understand that Intune and ConfigMgr admins may struggle with reporting data, that’s why we have designed our products with extensive star-schemas to simplify the process.

Our star-schemas allow anyone to create any custom reports that they need. Utilizing PowerStacks reporting solutions, you will enable everyone in your company to access and analyze data collected by Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager with ease.

Our reports present the information in an easy-to-understand format so every team member can manipulate and work with the data, leading to better decision making.

With Power BI’s intuitive interface, you can confidently streamline the entire reporting process and safeguard valuable time for your admins.

Unlock the Full Potential of Data Insights with PowerStacks: Your Comprehensive Intune and SCCM Custom Reporting Solutions!

PowerStacks data models consist of over 650 attributes sourced from Intune, SCCM, Active Directory, Azure AD, Endpoint Analytics, and more. Armed with this vast array of data, you gain the power to create tailor-made reports and dynamic dashboards, all within the familiar and user-friendly UI of Power BI.

Extensive Data Models

Unlock the full potential of your Intune and Configuration Manager data with our comprehensive Power BI template apps!

Our custom reporting solutions are meticulously crafted using robust star-schema data models, enriched with hundreds of fields. This empowers you to effortlessly create a limitless range of Intune and Configuration Manager reports, tailored to your unique needs.

Seamless Customization to Match Your Needs!


Data fields


Built-in Reports




Data Sources

Advanced Custom Reporting Solution

Simplified Advanced Reporting for Actionable Insights!

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