BI for SCCM can report on the monitors connected to devices. This information includes the make, model, and manufacture date.

In order to populate the data required for reporting on monitors you must extend hardware inventory to include the “WMIMonitorID” WMI class from the “root\WMI” namespace. You can only add inventory classes from the hierarchy’s top-level server by modifying the default client settings. This option isn’t available in custom client settings. 

For more information about adding a new WMI class to Configuration Manager hardware inventory see the Add a New Class section in the How to extend hardware inventory Configuration Manager documentation page.


  1. Hardware inventory must be enabled.
  2. Permissions to edit the default hardware inventory settings.

Skipping this recommended configuration will not generate any errors however, you will not be able to report on monitors and the out of the box Monitors page will be blank.