BI for Intune Version 30.0, shown as version 1027 in AppSource, was released on December 18, 2023.

This version will break the user info page in custom reports. Please follow the instructions below to correct this issue.

Please update the “AzureAD LogAnalytics PageSize API” dataset parameter before upgrading. Change the value to 30000. This will improve performance for customers using Windows Update for Business Reports and/or our custom inventory solution. Note: Failure to change the value before upgrading will not break anything, but it is recommended to do so to improve performance.

Before Upgrading Update The "AzureAD LogAnalytics PageSize API" Dataset Parameter

Prior to performing the this upgrade we recommend that you change the value of the “AzureAD LogAnalytics PageSize API” parameter to 30000.

This Version Will Break the User Info Page in Custom Reports

To resolve this issue you can either remove the two fields causing the table to not display or you can copy the table from the default “bi_for_intune” reports as described in this blog.

Below Are The Changes in Version 30.0

  • Features:
    • New “User Registration” category and fields in the data model to get better reporting and filtering on MFA auth methods. Fields include:
      • Auth Methods
      • Is MFA Registered
      • Default MFA Method
      • Is Admin
      • Is MFA Capable
      • Is MFA Registered
      • Is Passwordless Capable
      • Is SSPR Capable
      • Is SSPR Enabled
      • Is SSPR Registered
      • Is Sys MFA Method Enabled
      • Last Updated
      • Last Updated (Days)
      • Secondary MFA Method
      • Sys Methods
    • New “User Registration Auth Method” category added to the data model. Fields include:
      • Authentication Method
    • New “User Registration Sys Method” category added to the data model. Fields include:
      • Authentication Method
    • Updated the “User Info” page to remove the following fields: “Is SSPR/MFA Capable”, “Authentication Methods”.
    • Updated the “User Info” page to add the following fields: “Default MFA Method” , “Auth Methods”, “Is MFA Capable”, “IS Passwordless Capable”, “Is SSPR Capable”, “Is SSPR Registered”, “Is SSPR Enabled”, “Is Admin”.
  • Enhancements:
    • Added new fields to the “Device” category. Fields include:
      • Wi-Fi IPv4 Address
      • Wi-Fi Subnet
    • Updated “Device Info” page to add the following fields: “Wi-Fi IPv4 Address”, “Wi-Fi Subnet”.
    • Updated the “App Inventory” category. Changes include:
      • Changed “App Inventory Install Date” from type String to DateTime.
      • Added new field “App Inventory Install Date (Days)”.
    • “AzureAD Sign-Ins Day(s)” parameter now accepts a maximum value of 30 days rather than 7 days.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved sync failures due to timeouts caused by Log Analytics. This requires manually changing the “AzureAD LogAnalytics PageSize API” value to 30,000 in the dataset parameters.
    • Resolved an issue causing the “App Inventory” page to be blank for some customers.
      • Added a new dataset parameter “AzureAD LogAnalytics App Inventory PageSize API”. Default value is 4,000. This should not be changed unless instructed to do so by PowerStacks support team.
  • Important Notes: