BI for Intune version 5.0, shown as 1005 in AppSource, was released on July 25, 2022. Below are the changes in version 5.0:

  • Features:
    • Redesigned “App Reliability” page to report details about app crashes including the app names, number of total crashes, number of devices it crashed on, and the name of the devices.
    • New “App Reliability (Device)” page to report on high level reliability and crash data.
  • Enhancements:
    • Added additional app reliability fields to the data model. 
    • Renamed the “App Reliability” page to “App Reliability (Device)”.  (Note: This will cause the previous App Rollability page to break. See important notes below.)
    • Added “Windows Autopilot Deployment Profile” objects to the data model. (Note: These will only populate for devices where Enrolled = False)
    • Add “Join Type” to the “Device Info” page for Autopilot devices that are not enrolled.
  • Fixes:
    • Devices managed by Jamf did not display associated users. Issue has been resolved in version 5. 
  • Important Notes:

The Redesigned App Reliability Page

The New App Reliability Device Page