BI for Intune Version 15.0, shown as version 1013 in AppSource, was released on Feb. 7, 2023. Several new pages are included in Version 15. Unfortunately, Microsoft has begun removing the ability to copy pages from one to another report. We are communicated to Microsoft the importance of this feature to our customers and hope to see it return. If the steps in our blog describing how to copy pages no longer work for you we are happy to help you create the pages in your custom reports. Below are the changes in version 15.0.

  • Features:
    • New “Device Enrollment Failure” category. New fields include:
      • Enrollment Failure Count
      • Enrollment Failure ID
      • Enrollment Failure Time
      • Enrollment Failure Time (Days)
      • Enrollment Method
      • Failure Category
      • Failure Reason
      • OS
      • OS Version
    • New Disk Health page provides detailed information about possible impending disk failures.
    • New Windows Health page is a consolidated view of BSOD, App Crashes, Disk Health, and other performance measurements.
    • New Enrollment Failures page helps troubleshoot device enrollment issues.
  • Enhancements:
    • Added new fields to the User category. New fields include:
      • Password Last Change
      • Password Last Change (Days)
    • Added new field to the User Sign-Ins category. New field:
      • Cross Tenant Access Type
    • Added new fields to the Device Details category. New fields include:
      • Disk Health Status
      • Disk Type (When multiple disks are present the values are concatenated.)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Environments with more than 100 Autopilot deployments within 30 days may have been missing data from the reports.
  • Important Notes:

The New Windows Device Health Page

The New Disk Health Page

The New Enrollment Failures Page